This video is pretty epic. Please ignore the end when the woman literally starts screaming at the top of her lungs xD. This is why I couldn’t use my video and had to use Axe’s. Video Credit: Axepriest!

There’s nothing more epic than attending an event surrounded by nerds and gamers like yourself. Online we connect from a thousands of miles away… but when you meet them for the first time at such an epic event… the experience can’t even be put into words. When my friends and I first created our guild Exordia we created a family. It’s cheesy and almost vomiting to others but without these people… I wouldn’t love these games as much as I do. The community we create affects your experiences. I’m lucky and happy to call every single of you my friend! This is my family ❤ #fam #squad #doitforthesquad … #exordia




There’s a lot of videos out there showing the reaction of the Battle for Azeroth cinamatic. I can assure there is no better reaction than this right here. Credit to bcdaniels335 on YouTube. #FORTHEHORDE

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