Luna, The Star of My Show

It was just another normal, boring day in my apartment. I was checking my email every 30 minutes. Browsing craigslist, LinkedIn and Facebook all while getting lost in my thoughts. I decide to head to the kitchen and make something for lunch. “It’s only 1 o clock, time is moving so slow” I think to myself. I scrounge up some leftovers from the night before. Quinoa, chicken and beans with Arizona green tea.

I sit back down in my chair as I look at my computer screen. My “silly” has sent me an image. The most beautiful image that instantly boosted my mood and brought me to tears. White fur, beautiful light blue eyes and an amazing smile. A Siberian husky in need of a home. I demand he tell me if he was trolling me or not. It’s something he often does. He thinks he’s funny at times but this is something I truly wanted and felt she needed us. He said he’s not trolling but has to message them asap because someone inside his office was interested in the beautiful creature. I tell him to “hurry hurry!” He answers back and says someone is interested and most likely will have her. If something happens then we are next in line. I felt sad and nervous. Hopeful that she will still need a home the next day.

The following day comes. I am just sitting and waiting, asking every hour if there was any news. He attempted to keep it as a surprise for me but, he could not keep it from me. We were to meet the beautiful husky and the current owner the following day.

At 6pm, Silly pulled up in the car as I was waiting eagerly outside for him. I jump in the car and we head to an apartment complex with a tennis court. We parked and had a small walk to our destination. As we get closer I see her white fur and fluffy curly tail. She is running with 2 other huskies. My heart starts to race with excitement. I want to jump up and down and just scream. I squeeze silly’s hand smile at him. As we walk up to the gate she continues to run and we are greeted by the owner and her friends. She is so precious. After conversation and exchanging information we where now the new owners to the beautiful white husky, Luna.
Abandoned by her first owners, Luna was rescued by a women named Laurin. Luna…. She rescued me.

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Hello my name is Blondie. I’m 28 years old living in Southern California. I’m a designer, Gamer, and a momma to an amazing Husky names Luna.

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