Here’s to 5 years with you mi amor!

Wednesday March 7th, 2012. The day we decided to become a couple. We had been spending a lot of time together before we made the decision to actually call what we had “a thing”. I remember being so afraid. So afraid of being disappointed once again. I have always been the “loving” type and always searched for serious relationships. I loved deeply but that was a flaw in my eyes. I pushed you away for a while. But when we finally gave it a shot we choose this date for some random reason haha. We had gotten so lost we couldn’t even remember the day we began dating. LOL


The night I told you I loved you ( maybe 6 months? )You looked at me and said “I don’t know what love is”. I remember how sad that made me feel at the time. I told you that was ok, but I wanted you to know how I felt. Later on I began to appreciate one of the greatest values you carry. Honesty. Throughout this relationship we have grown a trust not many get to share. I can’t thank you enough for being honest with me that night. Because the day you said it. I knew you meant it and it made me the happiest.
I know it may not seem like it sometimes but, you make me so so happy. I can’t imagine life without you ❤ Our little family is all I need to keep a smile on my face. Here’s to five years with you my love. I love you, for all that you are, all that you have been and all you’re yet to be. ❤ Te amo mi rey ❤

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Hello my name is Blondie. I’m 28 years old living in Southern California. I’m a designer, Gamer, and a momma to an amazing Husky names Luna.

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