Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved Video Series

These videos will take us on a journey through the amazing game Ark. As Luno and I move to the beautiful Redwood area on The Center map you can tag along with us as we continue to build, tame and progress through the game! I hope you enjoy these series! Big thanks to Mukwa Gaming for hosting the server for us!


Mukwa Gaming

Steam Group:

Links to join:
The Center—->
The Island—->

Mod collection:

2x XP
2x Gathering
4x Taming
faster incubation and baby growth 10x
Level cap increased to 201
5x raft capacity


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Hello my name is Blondie. I’m 28 years old living in Southern California. I’m a designer, Gamer, and a momma to an amazing Husky names Luna.

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