Final Fantasy XIV Review

Hello friends! Today I wanted to officially write my review on the game Final Fantasy XVI Online.


When it comes to online video games I would have to say my favorites all come down to MMO’s, survival and “some” shooters. While playing multiple MMO’s I have felt very biased because I’m a very die hard WoW player. I just recently took a break from WoW to try this game and man am I impressed. A lot of MMO’s lack the structure of World of Warcraft end game. Going into Final I knew it would be time consuming just like any other MMO, so first starting off choosing your class or in this case “job” became so versatile and intriguing! I still to this day want to play MORE. MORE JOBS MORE! I already had this issue when playing WoW. I always want to be able to help my friends with any role they may need me to play. I know I love to dps when playing alone, but with friends I have no issues jumping in the support role to be sure everyone has a place in our gaming group. With the recent WoW expansion “Legion” the new addition to artifact weapons and artifact power made having alts super exhausting. They’re much easier now to maintain but the past 6 months? It was a nightmare. I can’t express enough how much I love the fact every job you do, can be done so on one character. It just makes every alt junkies dreams come true! As for the game itself I can say I’m in love right now. But as any other game we have pros and cons. I’m gonna list mine out for you


  • Pro’s
  1. As I said before ,everything you do is done on one character. There’s no swapping to another toon with lower gold and items.  Of course you would have your main job as you would a “main character” but the option to easily swap and work on another job is always there. With this you no longer have the “faction” issue. This had only become an issue recently in WoW when I wanted to play a Night Elf druid because I felt the forms they got were so pretty. I simply just preferred the look of the Night Elf over a Tauren or Troll. However the faction issue made it so I couldn’t. I have played Horde most of my WoW days. I ran my own raiding guild therefor just swapping factions wasn’t so easy and the fact it would keep me from playing with any other friends on another faction. I have countless friends on Alliance while I raid and game with Horde friends. It kinda sucked. After playing a game that allows me to be whatever it is I want and game with ALL my friends… I don’t know if I could ever go back!
  2. In addition to every job being on the same character. Your main job will level at a normal pace but say you want to level a second? Third maybe? Cool cause you get at least double the xp than you did while leveling your main with story quests! Again this is an alt junkie’s dream come true! IT’S AMAZING!
  3. The gearing system. There was nothing more irritating than gearing from 850-880 in WoW. If you’re gearing a fire mage that needs massive amounts of crit? You better have RNG Jesus on your side because I couldn’t find upgrades for months. My 850’s and sometimes even 830’s would have more crit than an 880 piece. So far ( I’m still learning) every piece of gear that is up in item level will be a legit upgrade in stats, in Final Fantasy. The gearing is mostly based off of your job. So the stats are pretty easy to get down. This system makes it not only easier to manage but gives you a feeling of accomplishment… instead of disappointment while gearing up.
  4. Animations. Just wow. I can’t even say anything other than show you so I’ll link you a video here.  FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood – Job Actions
  5. I love the inventory system. Seems like space might be an issue the more I progress through the game. However the Armory Chest system is awesome. It’s noob friendly and becomes way more organized for late game. It’s wonderful, I love it!
  6. Lore has a HUGE impact on these types of games. What I adore about Final, is that they revolve the leveling content around lore. The story they created… and it’s amazing. It can be overwhelming to read through everything sometimes. But overall I’m always wanting to continue on leveling not because of my level, but because I want to progress through the story and find out what happens next!
  • Con’s
  1. These past couple of weeks a new expansion was released called “Stormblood”. The content is great! But on launch as most games do there were issues. All understandable. These things happen. I personally didn’t appreciate how they handled it. Letting the issues just continue to happen for not only one day but 3 days. Many people have their own opinion but mine is simply I would rather the servers go down for a few hours, than not be able to log in or play any new content that I paid for. I felt very disconnected from the developers and I feel they should be more vocal with their fan case. I seen so many forum posts from players asking questions and reporting errors and bugs but nothing was said back to them to let anyone know they’er being heard. 
  2. Square Enix seems like a horrible company. So far I have read through about 20 post on their website requesting help for the 900002 error. They respond weeks after a post has been made. They ask the SAME questions over and over to multiple people who are receiving the same error and never come up with a solution. The mystery of the 900002 error continues! To break it down the 900002 error is a disconnection error. Which could be a number of things. But what it tells me… because so many people ( including myself) and no one has come up with a real solution that the solution needs to be made by Square Enix, but they clearly don’t care or some sort of solution would have been presented by now.
  3. Account set up was a B*tch! Once I got it done everything was fine. But why in the world are there so many websites for the same game? LOL?
  4. I really hate the DPS que times xD hahahaha!


With that said even with these “cons” I personally adore the game and will continue playing. I feel relaxed and genuinely enjoy the content these developers have created. Well done. If you would like to try of Final Fantasy XIV head over to their website finalfantasyxiv and download the free trial. You get 30 days free on the free trail. Obviously with some restrictions. You can’t add or invite other players, but other players can invite you. You can only go to level 35 and you are denied the access to a Grand Company keeping you from getting a Chocobo at level 20. But you have nothing to lose. It’s free to try out and you get the entire 30 days. Once you buy the also add an additional 30 days to your game time. They also have an amazing recruit a friend system. If you would like a recruit comment me your email and I will send you one 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this review. However this was one of my first written review and if you have any feedback regarding improvements please let me know! I hope you all have a wonderful day and Happy Gaming!

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Hello my name is Blondie. I’m 28 years old living in Southern California. I’m a designer, Gamer, and a momma to an amazing Husky names Luna.

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