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As most of you know I’m a huge Warcraft fan. Before I got into Mobas and FPS’s my first game ever was World of Warcraft. Throughout my time playing WoW I found many different ways to enjoy my time. Recently that time has been spent playing PVE with some of my closest friends. I want to make clear that I have participated in Mythic content very little compared to most. I dream to build my own group of positive individuals before we dive further into Mythic content but nonetheless it’s my goal. Overall I’d like to explain a few opinions, thoughts and concerns not only about the game but the new expansion ahead. Keep in mind I will only discuss about circumstances I’ve personally dealt with. Example: I don’t tank… therefore I won’t be discussing anything  tanking related.




I personally enjoy being a support ( yea yea save me the sexist comments lol). I choose to play most of these roles because blizzard has done such a great job at making them fun, challenging to play and most of all… useful. However when it comes to Warcraft healing ( for me ) only becomes fun when the difficulty is high. Which is why I swapped to DPS in Warcraft and here’s why. Most people don’t trust healers. They always go with the “safe route” over packing groups with healers when they’re not needed therefore making the role boring as we attempt to out-heal one another. I feel this situation could be easily solved when you have a group you raid with consistently but not all of us have that privilege. I’m unsure of how to solve this “issue” per say. Our customs groups are in fact very custom. Hell you could run 4 tanks if you wanted. ( not ideal obviously ) Point is this isn’t like Final Fantasy where they limit the roles you can have. Most of the time when I run my groups I like to challenge healers to see what they’re able to do. It all depends on the gear, so please do not make an under geared healer attempt to heal in a difficult situation haha. Just trust your healers! Learn to look for not just gear score but stats to see if they’re capable. Give them a challenge! I’m sure they’ll love it.

Questing as a healer. Artifacts going away.

In Legion the easy accessible artifacts made it easy to have an off spec. With the Artifact changes coming up in the expansion I fear this will esp hit healers as they farm things like world quests ect. I personally HATE needing someone to do something. I’m also a completionist. So when something stops me from being able to do something… #triggered. It’s not that you CAN’T quest in a healing spec, it’s just so damn slowww. I’m falling asleep over here. Tanks even kill and survive better than healers while questing! Overall I’m sad to lose the artifact. I really enjoyed everything about it… minus the artifact power farm… yea that was annoying. The traits, the consistency of a great weapon and the transmogs all felt so good to have. I will miss it.


Healing classes so far in Legion have been pretty equal on terms of balancing. There was a bit of a struggle at the beginning of Legion… but what expansion release is perfect?  As you can see from Warcraft logs above this is the current rankings of the healers. I used Heroic so we could essentially have more data. As far as balancing goes I feel they have been in a great place. Each class has a specific scenario they fit best in. I think it’s great! I’m not worried too much about the healers on terms of class changes. They did SO well in Legion with it I think the healers will overall be ok. I would like to hear any complaints or concerns of yours for discussion purposes 🙂 


BFA DPS- Balance Druid


Oh man… I’m not gonna lie, a lot of my salt is with the Balance druid losing their artifact ability. While at Blizzcon I was able to play the new dungeons. I decided to go Boomkin considering it was my new main. I thought to myself during that dungeon “100% balance druids will get their artifact”.  Seemed logical? But for some reason they lost it. I know most Boomkin players will agree the moon was a great add in spell for the additional astral power. Not only that… but did you see the Full Moon fall? IT’S A BIG ASS MOON! I WANT MY BIG ASS MOON DAMNIT! All jokes aside the spec feels so blahhhh! I know it’s one spell but it essentially has 3 charges of one spell. It’s like they cut 3 instead of one. Making the rotation SO boring and slow. ( IMO ). Not many changes have come through for the balance druid. We lost a mobility spell “Displacer beast” and has been replaced on all specs. However nothing regarding the balance spec and the astral power system. This is my first expansion playing the balance druid so I did some research on the spec previous expansion to figure out how the overall rotation worked before hand. It seems every expansion the spec had been reworked regarding their resource.  After reading forums and different posts around the community I know I’m not alone in this concern. Without the moon the rotation is simply dumbed down and is slow. I’m so upset this could possibly be happening to my main. I’ve had a bad feeling since Blizzcon after testing the new dungeon without the moon. As of now on Alpha the balance druid have not been changed. I recently was able to try out the spec without the moon once more. Trying different talents to see if the overall feel of the rotation would get better, and honestly it’s just boring.

You have a basic 3 spell rotation.

Solar Wrath

Lunar Strike


(Single Target)

The basics are, you will cast solar wrath to build astral power to use your Starsurge. Once you use Starsurge you’ll proc two different procs, Solar Empowerment and Lunar Empowerment. Which increases the damage of your next Solar wrath and Lunar Strike by 75%. Now this proc can stack up to 3 times for each spell. Not sure if they plan to make changes at max level regarding the amount of astral power you have, but the case as of right now with the bit of testing I have done, you can only fill you astral power bar full to cast only 2 Starsurge’s at a time therefore giving you 2 stacks of the empowerment procs before you run out of astral power.

So now you add in the dots. Sunfire and Moonfire. Now obv you will cast these asap and manage their uptimes, doing your best to keep them at a 100% uptime. Each dot grants 3 astral power.
Live on Legion

Solar Wrath: 8 Atral Power – dealing

Lunar Strike: 12 Astral Power- dealing

Sunfire: 3 Astral Power

Moonfire: 3 Astral Power

New Moon: 10 Astral Power

Half Moon: 20 Astral Power

Full Moon: 40 Astral Power


Starsurge Cost: 40 Astral Power

Starfall Cost: 60 Astral Power


Spells Currently on Alpha

Solar Wrath: 10 Atral Power

Lunar Strike: 15 Astral Power

Sunfire: 3 Astral Power

Moonfire: 3 Astral Power


Starsurge Cost: 40 Astral Power

Starfall Cost: 60 Astral Power

Now overall these 2 spenders are high in astral power cost. I felt the artifact ability gave this spec so much potential to spit out more spells and prioritize what you’re spending your astral power on. Simply taking it away with no changes just seems flawed and odd. Things could possibly change and I certainly hope they do for the sake of my main. A 3 button rotation feels lame, unsatisfying and extremely easy. Also I essentially feel this is a huge nerf to the class. As you can see the numbers above they have essentially cut 3 spells all that gave astral power (70 AP) and damage. While giving small buff of 3 astral power to Solar Wrath and Lunar Strike.  I did not include the damage number because we’re going to be going through a stat squish. Overall I’m covering the “feel” of the rotation itself.

What I would like to see changed.

Overall what’s on Legion feels fun and rewarding. I would love to see the moon spell come back. It’s what gave this class /spec it’s flavor. Without it… I feel naked. If this doesn’t happen I would like to hear the dev’s answer why they feel the moon was such an issue? And possibly come up with a solution to help the feeling of something “missing”.

With that said, what are your thoughts on this particular class / spec? I  would love to start a good conversation about this. If there’s one thing I LOVE about Blizzard, it’s that they listen to the community a lot of the time. To me the best way to get answers is to talk about it. I love my druid SO much and fell in love with this spec in Legion. I would hate to see this happen to my main 😦

Cute pic for attention xD ❤


This video is great and goes WAY more in depth than I did in this blog. Would highly recommend watching it for a better understanding.

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